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How Can We Help - Corporate and Commercial

We will make sure your company has the correct constitutional arrangements in place including your partnership and/or shareholder agreements and your articles of association.

We can help you put a share scheme in place that will act as a tax efficient way to incentivise the key members of your management team and link their rewards to the  long term performance of your business.

We can help you with the sale of your business or the purchase of another business; we have helped all types of manufacturing businesses with every aspect linked to corporate finance ranging from an individual shareholder exit through to the final sale of your business. 

On the commercial side we can review and strengthen your terms and conditions and the various contracts, agreements and licence and franchise arrangements your business depends upon.

We can also provide you with more specialist advice regarding the protection of your intellectual property – a core component of every manufacturing business – and on how best to trade internationally.

When it comes to the manufacturing sector we also have the specialist expertise to advise you on how best to build and manage your supply chains whether the participants are based in the UK or operate internationally.

So that we can give you the best possible advice on international issues without delay, we are a member of Consulegis, an international alliance of lawyers and other professional advisers we can access for you as required.

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